Doctor server

A Game Server Provider in Asia

Sandbox Rules

Rules written by The_Guy_Right_Here, thanks! Last update: 10/29/2019

  1. No intentional server crashing.
  2. No annoying other players
    (Harassment, Insulting, Harsh Jokes, etc.)
  3. No prop spamming.
  4. No prop trash
    (Clean props after yourself. Examples of prop trash: leaving useless props around the map, random propsnot being part of a build, etc.)
  5. No griefing
    (Spawning props in other people's builds without their permission)
  6. Voice spam allowed, as long as it's not horrible quality or really loud.
    (Should listen to player's requests, like turning it down, unless the request is ridiculous)
  7. Listen to admins, moderators and owner.
    (Only when there's no admin abuse)